Mobile App Design


NeonMob is a unique, robust iOS trading card app powered by art from thousands of indie artists.

As their co-founder and lead designer from 2012-2015, I was stoked to lead the design aesthetic, UX and concepted some pretty damn fun animations for some stellar suprise and delight moments.

Feel free to download the app and give it a spin!

Collecting Series

Scarcity of digital goods, series completion, variants, unique rarities and special/insert cards — NeonMob had it all and it was a blast to design for.

NeonMob was imagined as a platform where both large brands and independent artists could build a fanbase of collectors, trading and hoarding their collectibles...all in one app and community.

Suprise & Delight!

One of the more unique challenges that will forever change the way I think about design, was the exploration we went into as a team to delight people opening digital packs of trading cards.

Trading Cards!

A digital trading card is owned by a person, has its own number, rarity and narrative. Often a string of trading cards would tell a larger tale. Some series have insanely hard to get cards that are animated!

Rarities and Scarcity

Colorful gems add significance to each trading card, cue-ing the collector into the value of the card they just traded for...or pulled from a pack.

Collection View

Collectors can easily flick through hundreds of their most recent trading cards in a waterfall-style grid...or filter down to series and see how far they've come on a specific collection.

Unique Flair

I absolutely loved adding a touch of unique beauty to any screen I could and this was no exception. Sure, we could have used standard form components, but when we knew a better UX was available, we offered it.

Web Design/Dev

Super Team Deluxe

Super Team Deluxe is a collaborative fun-house, founded with my pal and stellar designer/illustrator, Justin Mezzell along the side of the amazing talent of photographer Alicja Colon, and lettering artist Drew Melton.

Website designed and developed by me using library-less javascript, HTML5 and CSS3.


NeonMob is a unique, robust trading card game powered by art from thousands of indie artists. I lead design and front-end dev in CSS3, Angular.js and HTML5.

Fine Goods

I designed and developed Fine Goods in 2013. At the time, it was a laced with innovative, forward-thinking stylizations, such as CSS3 powered 3D transforms for hover states for drawers, custom scrollbars and transformations.

Check it out.

Web Interactions

Lift UX Interactions

Lift UX wanted to elevate their website experience with some (inter)stellar space dust, starfields and jetwash. I wrote Jubilee.js, the same system I use to power all that rad razzle dazzle you just saw up there on my logo.

Lift UX interaction demos:

Icon Design & Illustration


Geometric, grid-based, iconic.


Fun, spirited, loud pseudo-3d illustrations for NeonMob.

Retro Funk

An excercise in scalable, vector, gritty retro funk.

The 48 Week Challenge
Each day, I'm taking on a new dare…