About Me

Hi! I'm Rogie.  When I'm not designing NeonMob or spending time with my two boys and wife in the Montanan wilderness, I like to illustrate and create art inspired by the retro Disney movies I watched as a child. I sell my art,  goods and products on my online shoppe, Fine Goods Market

My preferred flavors are hot sauce, belgian beers, and strong coffee. And burgers. I'm a huge burger snob. I tend to fancy, design, new-fangled css and javascript, illustration and electronic music.

I'm married to Toni — a quirky, wonderful stay-at-home mom with a small side business selling Scensty as well as a mother to our two sons and new daughter. If you’d like to make her day, buy some scents at her store — she’ll probably freak out. In our spare time, we like to laugh, socialize, be outdoors in Montana and road trip.

Thanks for hanging around my online digs for awhile.  Let me know if you get lost.


Stuff I Dig

Wow, I have no clue how you got this far. Well, it’s time for something fun then. Let’s do a little game of stuff I dig. Honestly, I’m not sure if this is more entertaining for me or for you. You be the judge. Here we go!!!! (mario voice)