Little Dungeon: Turtle Rock

My pal, Ed has always had a passion for games. In college together, we dreamed about writing code for game ideas. He's always loved gaming and his infectious passion has passed throughout his family — they're a clan of sci-fi nerds and gamers, much alike all of us designers. So, when he came to me with his card game idea, I'll admit, I was a bit surprised that he was going the table-top gaming route instead of a videogame, but it was a natural fit. The perfect, nerdy game to play with his little clan of 5 kids.

And it was born — Little Dungeon: Turtle Rock. Yeah, you may have seen me tweet-storming this up on Twitter because I believe in this game — the beginning of many as Ed's first foray into the game-development scene.

I've watched this game from its very inception — playing it on printouts with placeholder images instead of designs with my sons. Even with the lack of visuals on the cards and paper-thin  cards, my sons loved playing this game and kept asking to play again. It's easy to catch on to and was fun even for my four year old. 

So, I'm writing to ask you to check out his game and give it a backing to support Ed's first (of hopefully many) tabletop game, Little Dungeon: Turtle Rock. Cheers.

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