About Me

When I was a youngun’, I loved drawing so much. I wanted to make art for Disney! I drew all the time and wanted to be an artist, but despite thousands of sketches, my parents didn’t agree. They thought I should be an accountant. Ha!

That was a really bad idea because accounting sucked so hard (not for all ppl, but for me, yes). I failed my accounting classses. But, failing led me to programming and programming definitely did not suck! It was fun and very creative.

But programming wasn’t fun without the interfaces — the visual buttons and knobs to make the programs work! So, I taught myself how to design.

I love design and programming, but, remember that young boy that drew and loved art? I still love making art. So, recently, I’ve been focusing on creating joyful art and it’s been so fun.


My dad, Roger, loved movies. I love movies even more, but as of recent, I REALLY love horror movies. I update this list every time I watch a movie and I rate it too. No, I'm not a snob. I love shitty movies too!

♫ Tunes ♪

I like the night life. I like to boogie.